Best Bluetooth Headset Under 2000

Ingenuity and innovation have paved the way to communicate in a fluent and timely fashion with ease and efficiency. On the go solutions for keeping in touch with others are vital to our way of life, and thankfully hands-free calling has never been easier with the integration of bluetooth. To find the Best Bluetooth Headset Under 2000 may seem daunting, but rest assured, with detailed research an ideal fit is not far off the horizon. Factors to keep in mind before purchasing an all in one solution are shape, size, parts, and of course, price. Additionally, it is prudent to keep an eye on the range at which the audio is uninterrupted before distortion occurs, as this is integral to overall call clarity.

The CHKOKKO Mercury M2 Waterproof Bluetooth is just one of a myriad of choices for consumers seeking the Best Bluetooth Headset Under 2000. Though a higher price point, potential consumers are paying for accuracy and resourcefulness that can be spared in less expensive brands. Its design is simple yet sleek, and the looped earphones leave a generous amount of space to fit users of all shapes and sizes. Sporting either a black and red motif or a green and gray one, the two choices represent both sides of the spectrum to acutely match the personality of its owner. The design of the headset is intelligent in the way it purposely places the volume at the top of the device so it is only altered when necessary and will not be tampered with by accident. The deep bass IPX 5 is splashproof to weather the unpredictable elements, and the earbuds themselves are comfortable and molded for a long-lasting purchase. The elastic silicon is shaped ergonomically and incorporates 3 different sizes to serve as many individuals as possible. Perfectly adaptable to a traveling businessman or woman, the CHKOKKO is also one of the few bluetooth devices that keeps runners and fitness enthusiasts in the fold. The fact that two devices can be paired at once is just one of the highlights of this bluetooth, with others including:

– Talk time up to 8 hours before recharging is necessary
– CVC technology for flawless noise cancellation
– Hydrophobic nano-coating to make the device sweat and dust proof
– Built-in microphone with pause capability

The black Jabra Talk should also be referenced among the best wireless headphones India has to offer. The Jabra differs from the design of the CHKOKKO both in shape and design, as the audio is distributed through a single earpiece as opposed to two. The actual headphone is larger than the CHOKKO as well, and its black and silver color scheme lends itself to a more business-like lifestyle, as opposed to the aforementioned brand that embraces physical activity. With a 33 foot operating range and crystal clear HD sound output, the Jabra connects to numerous devices at once seamlessly and works smoothly in its operating area. However, one of the reasons it is one of the best headphones in India under 1500 is that a single charge can allow a talk time of 6 hours, giving ample time to thoroughly engage in every phone call. Some other noteworthy features include:

– Comfortable eargels and user friendly display with battery and connection indicator
– Music streaming with A2DP technology
– Light as a feather on the ear at .02 lb
– Voice guidance to direct the user how to utilize accurately up to its fullest technological potential

The Boat Rockerz 400 Bluetooth immediately differentiates itself from the pack by being one of the few over the ear alternatives to maximize comfort. Its carbon black exterior is bold, and its internal parts promote outstanding bass and HD sound with impeccable clarity. The microphone is noise-cancelling, and the headphones themselves are adjustable and maintain a headband aligned with a cushion. The 40 millimetre drivers undoubtedly puts it in the conversation of the best bluetooth headset in India under 2000. The Rockerz puts a spotlight on comfort, evenly distributing the sound between ears. Some other noteworthy attributes entail:

– A 10 meter wireless range for immaculate audio
– Standby of up to 100 hours with an 8 hour playback battery life
– Only a 2 to 3 hour recharge to restore full capability
– 32 Ohm and 40mm drivers to produce sound nirvana during each use

The best headphones in India under 1500 that can maintain quality consistently are the Portronics Q26 Harmonics Mini. The Portronics is cut from a different cloth in communication devices by being almost invisible to the naked eye from it being placed in the ear with a super tiny exterior. The 8mm magnetic speaker blends perfectly with the acoustic echo, and the metal finish is acrylic and finely crafted. With a weight of 4.9 grams, the Q26 is not only hidden, but complimentary to prolonged use without fatiguing the ear. Whether it be listening to your favorite tunes or taking an important phone call, the noise cancellation capabilities are enhanced and promote the cleanest of audio. Adding to its cause as a game changer in the industry:

– .3 second connectivity for lightning fast connections within a generous 33 foot range
– Two devices can connect in unison without feedback or reverberation
– A single charge allows for 70 hours of standby and uninterrupted talk and play for 3 hours
– IPX2 sweat proof compatible

The Jabra BT2046 Bluetooth Headset, as the name suggests, is from the same brand as the CHKOKKO, albeit with some differences in both internal components and performance. This auto pairing device is also black like its predecessor, and though is the 2.1 version, is easily compatible with the 1.1. The BT2046 offers an unparalleled standby time, with up to ten days well within its reach. A 2 hour charge time gives a manageable window to have it refresh before further extended use. The positives aside, in comparison with the aforementioned models listed, the Jabra BT2046 is officially the cheapest bluetooth headset in India, but the inexpensive price tag does not necessarily mean a huge drop in quality. The efficiency of the Jabra is still present, however the internal mechanisms are made from less durable components. This, however, is not an issue if one is careful with their electronic possessions. The plastic shell is more than sturdy enough to handle the elements, and the electro-dynamic receiver and omni-directional microphone are more than equipped to handle business or personal needs. The sound is distortion-free, eliminating frustrating variables like wind or ambient noise. The BT2046 is for individuals that prefer a minimalistic approach to technology, while still delivering reliable, enhanced audio in all types of settings like cars, gyms, or low frequency signal areas. Further features of note are:

– An internal rechargeable battery for safe and fast rebooting
– A quick start guide embracing a user-friendly tone
– A generous earhook providing plenty of space to snugly put over any size ear to limit movement
– Pairs seamlessly with up to two Smartphones for effortless convenience

With so many different alternatives coming into play, it can be difficult to pinpoint the most logical choice for one’s needs. With the CHKOKKO, price can be a potential pitfall, but it is highly recommended for individuals who pride themselves in using quality manufacturing with an emphasis on longevity. Additionally, the CHKOKKO is ideal for people who are hard of hearing, as two earpieces make communicating with others a breeze. The Jabra Talk is produced with a realist in mind, not overly concerned with the bells and whistles, but coveting a reliable solution all the same. The Talk is a wise decision if weight and movement is of paramount importance to the person who wears it, as it is light and very easy to travel with. The Boat Rockerz employs an entirely different experience to the bluetooth crowd, as ear covering earpieces are pricier but also much more clear. Similar to the CHKOKKO, the Rockerz are beneficial to those either hard of hearing, or seeking the most pure, finely tuned connection available. The Boat Rockerz are a bit more cumbersome to bring from point A to point B, and its bulky nature can be a drawback to someone who just wants a bare bones approach to hands-free communication. The most bang for your buck may just be the Portronics Q26 Harmonics bluetooth. Combining both reliability and a fashion statement, the Portronics does not concern itself with the highest end parts when its trustworthy design performs just fine. The Q26 is more or less a middle of the pack option for those not wanting to break the bank on higher models, but also not overly sold on inexpensive manufacturing. Finally, the Jabra BT2046 provides less assurances, but nonetheless offers a solid and affordable earpiece. The right choice in deciding on the best wireless headphones in India ultimately relies on the relationship between the person and the device. Simply put, the option that checks the most boxes between, style, reliability, smoothness and quality, is likely the higher end Jabra Talk. Able to fit several different lifestyles while never compromising its cause, the Talk is a worthwhile purchase guaranteed to last phone call after phone call.

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