Yamaha YAS-106 Review

Yamaha YAS-106 Review

Yamaha YAS-106 review Sound Bar with Dual Built-In Subwoofers

Features and Specifications

  • Supports Analog, Optical and HDMI Connections
  • Comes with Dual Subwoofers
  • 2.2 HDCP Digital Copy Protection
  • Audio Return Channel (ARC) Support
  • 4K/60P Signal Pass Through
  • 120 Watts Of Total Power
  • Supports Virtual Surround Sound

Yamaha Yas-106's sleek and slim construction helps it become one of the more versatile units available to the public. Add to that 4K Ultra HD support, and you've got a winner!

The Yas106 is cut from a different cloth. It is one of the most subtle additions one can add to a home theater setup. It blends in seamlessly with any environment, whether wall-mounted or stationary.

Most people do not want accessories to stand out or appear out of place with their ensemble. Yamaha has effortlessly taken care of this problem with YAS106.

Fun Fact: This soundbar was featured in our roundup list of best soundbar under $200!

Caveats When Setting Up

YAS 106 boasts of one of the more frustration-free setups in the entire sound bar lineup.

It comes with directions that are simple, succinct, and easy to put into action. Yamaha is known for their well thought out guides and instructions, and the YAS106 is no exception.

Getting everything running takes less than 15 minutes, and even that is probably being conservative. Because the sound doesn't project entirely forward, we had to try out different placements to optimally fill the room.

While this soundbar delivers impactful sound, you cannot reach its full potential if the ceiling is too high, because of the added bounce.


  • Wireless Bluetooth gives individuals the full fleet of devices to use with the sound bar at all times
  • Spacious rooms can be filled with crystal clear and concise audio with little reverb
  • The soundbar is Android and iOS capable. You can take full control of unit with applicable app
  • Sports and music modes highlight five diverse selections, an upgrade from most other sound systems
  • Dual built-in subwoofers emphasizing deep, resourceful bass


  • Upward projecting audio can fill a room but bounces more audio than it needs to
  • Occasional non-responsive remote
  • Treble adjustment is near impossible to fine tune
  • While versatile, the HDMI may need replacement in less than a year if use is excessive


This Yamaha soundbar is one of the most ordinary looking soundbars available.

It might come as a surprise to you, but this is one of its strong suits.

Because the exterior is bland, it can camouflage itself with almost every home theater equipment available. The slim design is light for easy movement and wall mounting.

Bright black and gray accurately describe the color palette. The beautiful thing about the soundbar's color motif is that it looks like it is part of the TV itself, and guests would have no idea that they are completely separate units.

Where does YAS-106 amaze us?

The Yas106 is unique in that it is one of the few sound bars audiophiles can agree that universally improves all aspects of audio. Yamaha has paid careful attention to the audio output, and it pays off in spades for buyers.

The most glaring stand out of the device is the bass, which is robust and noticeable, particularly in music.

An example of this is highlighting dialogue in media, making it crystal clear and easy to follow. It is worth mentioning that the sound excels no matter what the dimensions are in a room, able to positively handle large and small spaces. The audio's fluid delivery will surely gain some praise by audiophile community.

Where does YAS-106 let us down?

We were let down by the treble adjustment, or lack thereof while reviewing Yamaha YAS-106.

On the scale of important factors of sound, this problem is on the low end, but a setback nonetheless. Mid-range sound can seem slightly less clear, but it is splitting hairs and a minor issue at best.

More frustrating is that the speakers seem to project upwards, which unnecessarily points sound in a direction other than a user's ears. It is an annoyance, particularly for media like sporting events.

Other Observations

If it were on a grading scale, it would pass with flying colors, despite a few areas that need improving. What sets this model apart is the five modes: TV, music, movies, sports, and game. Each mode offers a slightly different experience. The movies and sports modes are particularly valuable, helping to create an immersive, fun atmosphere.

The included remote is likely the most suspect addition in the entire package, with it becoming increasingly unresponsive after several uses. It is easy to replace, however, and cheap at that, but a cumbersome annoyance nonetheless. The HDMI can also wear, and buyers should pay attention to that in particular over time. From beginning to end; purchase, setup, and use, the Yas106 is a solid performer for any sound set up.

What's Our Verdict?

Yamaha YAS-106 is the closest potential buyers can get to a home run in the soundbar niche.

Almost every Yamaha Yas-106 review will mention how it is an upper echelon unit, even if they list a few drawbacks. Price, appearance, reliability, and overall effectiveness is what makes this model generate positive feedback and a consistently high score.

Yamaha YAS-106 is a wise add-on to home theater organization.

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