Vizio S3821W-C0 Sound Bar System Review

VIZIO S3821W-C0 review 2.1 Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

This article aims to provide a thorough Vizio S3821W-C0 review. We touch upon all aspects of this soundbar.

Overall, Vizio S3821W-C0 might be the ideal fit for your home entertainment system. There are some minor drawbacks, but they are minor.

Case in point is the weight, which is on the heavier end of this market. While the weight is not a huge issue for most consumers, but for unsupported wall mounts or surfaces that are tenuous at best when holding bulkier items, it is something to keep in mind.

It is comforting to know that Vizio is a name very well represented in the home electronics field. That is to say, their reviews are everywhere on the internet, making their feedback very dispersed and well known. Vizio is known to produce consistent soundbars, which is good news if you want a durable and long lasting soundbar. Vizio S3821W-C0 made it into our roundup of best soundbars under $200

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Features And Specifications of Vizio S3821W-C0

  • 6.0″ Wireless Subwoofer
  • Sound Bar 38″ In Length
  • This Vizio 2.1 soundbar has Surround Sound
  • Dolby Digital, DTS TruSurround, and DTS TruVolume Technology
  • Measured Sound Pressure Level C-Weighted At 1 Meter
  • 120V 60Hz
  • Frequency 50Hz – 19kHz
  • 100 dB Pressure Level
  • Wav Audio With 1 USB Input

Common Caveats When Setting Up Vizio S3821

Vizio provides a wall mount bracket with the sound bar. However, you will have to visit the hardware store to get applicable screws and anchors needed to set it up correctly.

Why not provide them with the packaging itself?

If you were hoping to get the system up directly out of the package, you might be disappointed.

Pros Of Vizio S3821W-C0

  • Pitch consistency coincides with easy settings on volume that only needs setting up one time
  • Immersive sound potent enough to fill large and small areas
  • Movie theater quality surround from Dolby Digital
  • Wireless powerful subwoofer with ample range of up to 60 feet
  • Bluetooth compatible to adequately link tablets, smartphones, and computers
  • Firm texture of deep sound for bass fanatics

Cons Of Vizio S3821W-C0

  • Limited compatibility with smaller TVs
  • 20 pounds in weight which is not the lightest solution for surfaces like drywall
  • Rebooting may become problematic if system becomes non-responsive to push controls
  • Battery replacement occasionally demands the re-synching of sound bar to remote


The S3821W C0 sound bar’s exterior more or less settles in the middle of the pack as far as industry standards. It is perfectly suitable for most home set-ups but may stand out a bit in rooms that are posh in nature. The bar itself is relatively thin, but the big subwoofer cross cancels that bonus. The size of the sub woofer might demand some placement thinking. The Vizio Sound bar remote has a gray finish and dull feel to it, but understandably most people do not care about the looks of controls.

Aspect of Most Improvement

Keen ears will immediately notice bass and pitch consistency improvements. Deeper, more robust sounds come through very clearly, which makes for a more enjoyable movie or music experience. The consistency of sound is a benchmark for the Vizio S3821, as the audio delivers a clean tone for an extended period.

Aspect of Least Improvement

The S3821W C0 soundbar might be perfect for in-depth bass, but that is the only nuance of audio that is a standout. This unit does not focus on highlighting specific tunes or digital waves and is more of an all-encompassing sound solution. Simply put, it is a generic model that ignores tone specific changes that some consumers enjoy.

Overall Sound

With total harmonic distortion being less than 1%, the point of emphasis for the Vizio S3821W is clarity. Even though it does not offer much in the way of separating distinct noises, to most people, this does not matter. If all you are passionate about is audio that is crystal clear and unencumbered by large rooms, it is a reliable solution. The subwoofer produces intricate and vigorous bass for an extended period. Bass can wear out any sound bar quickly, but the Vizio’s parts and construction keep the hiccups to a minimum.

Verdict Of Our Vizio S3821W-C0 Review

The majority of complaints that users have with Vizio S3821W-C0 are actually about the vizio sound bar remote control, of all things. Sound bar remote has absolutely nothing to do with the overall quality of sound.

You have found a keep if your biggest concern about a sound bar is its control capabilities. A drawback can be minor reboots to ‘recycle’ the signal. However, again, this is not bothersome at all.

Vizio is not perfect, nor does it claim to be, however, its S3821W C0 is a deceptively powerful, sneakily good source of audio. It can quickly adapt to several different sized rooms, a claim most units cannot brag about. You will get some improvement in total sound quality with S3821W-C0

Check Vizio S3821W-C0 Out On Amazon Check Vizio S3821W-C0 Out On Amazon

Links To User Manuals

The English User Manual for the Vizio s3821w-c0 is available here: or in the Support/Manuals tab here:

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