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Samsung HW-F355 Review | Has Samsung Struck Gold with this Soundbar?

Let us vet Samsung’s latest offering – HW F355 soundbar. The first thing that jumps out when doing a Samsung HW-F355 review is that this Korean brand has a well-established footprint in the field of electronics with over 60 years of reliable feedback.

One thing is clear right out of the gate: This Samsung soundbar will not be for everyone

Samsung HW-F355 is not suitable for smaller TV sets. The sweet spot for a perfect blend of picture and sound are televisions around the 40-inch range, and anything above this size fills in suitably. The reason the HW F355 does not coexist well with smaller TVs is that the sound capabilities the soundbar provides are too powerful for the internal parts of these sets.

Important Features And Specifications

  1. Output Wattage At 60W
  2. Certain TVs Can Harbor Soundshare
  3. Crossover Frequency 25kHz
  4. Three Inputs Including Optical, USB, and Audio

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  1. Includes Bluetooth expansion capabilities to bring into the fold any tablet, PC or smart device you want to use with it
  2. Much skinnier than most alternatives in this space, and a manageable 37.1-inch length to easily do work in most setups
  3. 39 pounds altogether, putting it on the lighter end of the spectrum of sound bars weight wise
  4. Wall mount and remote included for streamlined placement and control
  5. Limits sound overlap with the option to select different ‘Listening’ modes that emphasize different types of audio


  1. Bass, while present, is not a point of focus in this device
  2. Walk-through setup is a bit vague and is not a ‘set and forget’ sound bar.
  3. Wired subwoofer, which is a dying breed in home audio and makes for more limited placement of the device
  4. Soundshare availability on 3D TVs is a bit deceptive, as it only works successfully on a handful of them
  5. Cross-platform support is nonexistent with the sound bar’s remote control
  6. Large spaces tend to experience a slight, but noticeable echo


Samsung is consistent with the types of exteriors they provide on their products, and the HWF355 is no exception. It has a solid black look. However, the finish looks more metallic with its smooth appearance. The size of the bar itself will never make for an eyesore and is one of the most adaptable to different electronic pieces you’d find in most home theater setups.

This is where HW-355 Shines

The HW 355 Sound Bar is unique in one regard; that its best aspect and worst aspect are the same things. The reason for this is that while the unit has different ‘Listening’ modes to put a spotlight on one specific type of sound, it still accentuates the other aspects as well. This device separates dialogue and background noise more clearly than other soundbars. But do keep in mind that size of the room and the way a soundbar is setup are a part of the clarity equation as well.

This is where HW-355 Lacks

So if the Samsung sound bar improves every aspect of audio, you might ask, what is the problem? While good in theory, the downside to this is that no specific area of sound sticks out. Every wave that comes out of the soundbar feels more clear, but none of these will blow you away as far as movie theater quality.
The most prominent victim out of the ‘Listening’ modes becomes bass. If you are adamant about the amount of bass you hear in your music or movies, you will be disappointed in the output that reaches your ears. Bass isn’t for everyone, so some users do not even notice the difference. That said, if it is something you cannot live without, different sound bars will better serve your interest.

Overall Sound

The Samsung HW-F355 will deliver higher quality audio to you, no doubt about it. The concessions you make in regards to bass are really up to your tastes.  But if this is a non-issue to you then it will be right up your alley. Because there are multiple choices of sound modes, it is easier to adapt to your style, as each alternative will highlight whatever area you want.

Common Caveats When Setting Up

In comparison to other sound bars on the market, the Samsung HWF355 is a little more challenging to get up and running if you are not particularly tech-savvy. A lot of users get confused by the fact that even though the HWF355 can control both the bar itself and Samsung TVs, the unit does not shut off until after a 20-minute timer has elapsed. This behavior can be a bit frustrating if you forget about this fact, and you will tear your hair out wondering why you can power off the TV no problem, but can’t seem to dictate the sound bar’s on and off switch.

This problem, however, can be avoided. Connecting the hard line between the sound bar and TV is highly recommended, for if you connect the bar to the cable box instead, you will limit the clarity of the audio. The sub-woofer is powerful, so it is encouraged to not go above +3 unless your environment dictates otherwise. The reason for this is that above this frequency the subwoofer can drown out other sound nuances you would otherwise hear if it were in a lower setting.

What’s Our Verdict?

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Sometimes when an electronic device has some glaring drawbacks, consumers are scared off into thinking that the unit is not worth the hassle, even if it provides quality. The HW F355 is an example of this. While it seems to be somewhat complicated, it is a very potent soundbar and is a logical fit for plenty of audiophiles.

Crystal clear and clean sound is produced consistently with the bar, and after users get into the swing of how to set it up to maximize potential, few deterrents spring up in the future. The only drawback that may be of significance to potential buyers is the size of TV it handles and the square footage of space you want the sound to travel to.

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