A General Guide On How To Choose The Best Soundbar For Your TV Set

the soundbar guide by nothingbutaudio

As our current generation is all about weight loss, this also translates onto our TV sets which are becoming more anorexic over the years.

This in return might make them more visually appealing but on the other hand, they lose a lot on some of their features.

This is most visible on the quality of your sound.

Putting bigger speakers into a skinny TV model wouldn’t really work as it would create a visual disaster!

That is why many decide that getting themselves a soundbar is a perfect solution for all of their problems and in this guide, we are going to be teaching you how to pick the best one out of the many options available on the market!

1) Design

Many people have problems with the amount of space they can offer to any sort of additional appliances that go with a product.

That is why it is very important that your soundbar is:

a) Slim

This allows it to be placed almost anywhere, without creating storage problems down the line.

b) Sleek

Think for a moment here, if your TV looks like the next Brazilian supermodel, you can’t really have a heavyweight champion positioned next to it.

Your TV and your soundbar have to complement each other both in design and quality!

2) Quality

This should be a no-brainer but you would be surprised how some of the models that are in my opinion overpriced, perform much poorer than some of the lower end models.

This means that we cannot let our wallet guide us through this purchase, as we have to imbue at least some knowledge before making an educated decision on what to buy.

Quality is mostly reflected with durability, power of sound, and materials used in designing the soundbar.

Ideally speaking, you would want a soundbar that has all these three things combines, as that will make it rank high when it comes to quality!

3) Additional Features

A soundbar can have the most amazing design you have ever seen and also be of the best quality on the market but if amplifying your sound is its only skill, it is a few years if not decades behind their competitors.

You see, modern soundbars allow you to go wireless, set up a Wi-FI hotspot, transfer data or control the soundbar with Bluetooth and so much more!

My favorite feature would have to be the soundbars that enable you to use popular apps like Spotify or Google Cast, giving you much more ability to manipulate your current TV system.

What goes without saying would be that the price tag on these models is much higher than on models that don’t feature these additional tools.

In the end, it will all depend on your budget, size of your room and your wants and needs, as some of us are very keen when it comes to even the slightest change in sound, while others are happy just to have their music play a notch louder than before!

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