Application for Scholarship in the Field of Technology

Technology is ever evolving and has been the driving force of progress and innovation of the civilized world. It is then expected that those in the field of Science and Technology will be the pioneers of their generation. And because of its evolving nature, technology will always need more people to engage in research and test new principles and theories of the field.

Employment in the field of technology will be in demand for as long as we continue to modernize. It is then to the advantage of the young generation to be educated as much as they can be in the latest technological advancements offered and even in new programs just being developed. However, education takes money.

We believe that education is a right. Everyone deserves to be educated. We are, therefore, honored to be offering scholarships to students who are in need of financial assistance.

Students who are interested in or are currently studying in the field of technology, namely: Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Programming, Software Development and Design, Computer Engineering Technology, Digital and Mobile Technology and related course may find the scholarship program helpful. Applicants are not required to have a formal background in technology. The passion to learn and to pursue technology courses is enough.

To prove your passion, simply write an essay related to technology or any of the courses mentioned above in 1000 words or more. Make it informative; aim to help. Do your research to make your essay credible and up to date. Get creative and present your ideas in a cohesive and well thought out manner. Take your time in writing your article, as only one will be chosen among all the qualified entries submitted.

If you find that this scholarship program is beneficial to you or someone you know, read on for the requirements.

Scholarship Application Instructions

  • Research and write an essay related to technology in 1000 words or more. Make sure to include your references and citations.
    • Criteria for judging
      • Uniqueness/ Originality
      • Creativity/ Presentation
      • Relevance to the topic
    • Save your work following the required file format (.docx). Include the following details in your email:
      • Personal Details
      • Contact Information
      • School
      • Field of Study
      • Student documents (if any)
    • Submit your entry to the official email address – scholarship (at) nothingbutaudio (dot) com
    • Submit your work before the deadline on November 2017.
    • Do not submit more than one essay
    • If you are not of legal age, make sure to submit your guardian’s consent
    • Scholarship awardees will be announced sometime December 2017

Disclaimers and Additional Information

  • By submitting your essay, you are allowing our company to use your entry for promotions, marketing, and other purposes.
  • There is no fee for submitting an entry.
  • Only one winner will be chosen for the school year.
  • A check amounting to $1,000 will be sent directly to the applicant or, should they wish, to their school.

This scholarship program is offered annually, so don’t be disheartened should you not be chosen on the first try.