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JBL Cinema SB100 Review

    JBL Cinema SB100 Review

    JBL Cinema SB100 review Soundbar Speaker System - Black

    Features and Specifications

    • Peak 30 Watts Of Amplifier Power
    • Power Requirement 100V-240V
    • Frequency Response 80Hz-18Hz
    • Ported Enclosure
    • 1 Subwoofer Output
    • 1 Optical Input

    JBL Cinema SB100 is one of the most non-conventional sound bars on the market for a plethora of reasons.

    Harman, the company that manufactures the JBL line, has gone to great lengths to distinguish the device from its competitors. Even though the JBL SB100 isn't yet a household name, its transparency in providing more information than usual to the consumer is refreshing. The soundbars produced by Harman have reached some of the highest price points in the field but back up this tag by offering a wealth of features in each unit.


    • No extra speakers needed with the 'Plug and Play' concept which can have everything up to speed in 5 minutes or less
    • At 9 pounds, SB100 is an easily moveable unit
    • A remote that can fit in the palm of your hand, but with no compromise on functionality
    • Dual-position equalization ensures sound is crystal clear, no matter where the device is mounted
    • Hard hitting Bass boost
    • 'Volume Learning' for the unit to learn the infrared code of your regular remote so using multiple remotes is rendered unnecessary
    • An included wall mounting bracket to arrange bar in the perfect spot in the room


    • Better equipped for smaller rooms as the sound isn't as robust the more square feet there are (minus the bass)
    • When volume is minimal auto-shut down tends to kick in
    • Toslink digital input plug can fizzle out over time requiring a replacement
    • Only optimal for TVs in the 27-40 inch range
    • Curved shape of the bar can create a frustratingly uneven display with other electronics

    Caveats When Setting Up

    The SB100 soundbar is a straightforward device to get going. If a person is even remotely technology savvy, this sound bar takes just minutes to bring robust audio to fruition.

    The wording in the manual is a little suspect at times. For instance, it states that the SB100's optical port can connect to a person's cable box optical port. This statement is inaccurate. While compatibility overall is fine, you cannot swap out cords on a whim and expect a seamless stream of audio.

    Additionally, the remote has a delay of around half a second from when a button is pressed. This isn't an enormous issue, but something to think about nonetheless.


    Cinema SB100's appearance is unique. The all black sound bar bows out at the bottom creating a bit of a boomerang effect.

    The looks are easy on the eyes, which is essential since soundbars are placed along with elegant flat TVs.

    Where does the JBL Cinema SB100 Shine?

    Low-frequency performance is the biggest standout. This means more clarity in quieter dialogue in movies.

    While this nuance may not be enough to excite audiophiles, the bass definitely will. Said bass is particularly impressive when playing movies, specifically with explosions and bangs.

    Obviously, this is not critical to every entertainment viewer, but if an individual is a big fan of the cinema, the aptly named Cinema SB100 soundbar will satisfy them wholeheartedly.

    There is a reason that movie theaters and stadiums have used the JBL brand. The sound is crisp and bass-filled and works well in particular with 40 inch TVs. It is appropriate that 'cinema' is in the name of this device, as it works very well with movies, especially those in the action genre.

    Where does the SB100 Lack?

    The larger the room the sound bar is in, the less useful it is. Sound travels quickly, but dimensions of a space influence the audio either positively or negatively. With the Cinema SB100, big rooms have an adverse impact on the bar, causing a tiny bit of reverb, but nothing overwhelming.

    One drawback to the unit is that mixing and matching with previously owned cords will result in a headache, as it is not very compatible with other parts from different companies. This of course is only an issue if you lose or damage any of the SB100's components.​

    What's Our Verdict?

    The SB100 is a conundrum because its sound is showcased in several outdoor venues, but the brand itself is not as popular as other less reliable competitors. In that regard it is almost a hidden gem for audiophiles and casual movie watchers alike.

    In almost every JBL Cinema SB100 review, one can find comments on a solid audio experience. Any negative feedback is usually surrounding irregular shipment or the small size of the remote, not the actual output of the model itself.

    Harman produces some very expensive technology, but the JBL isn't out of this world in its price demands. The Cinema's design is a little out of the ordinary, but the sound has the capability to be extraordinary given optimum dimensions in a room. If adequate bass during films and television shows is a point of emphasis, the JBL is a front runner to a genuinely visceral home theater experience.

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    Yamaha YAS-106 Review

      Yamaha YAS-106 Review

      Yamaha YAS-106 review Sound Bar with Dual Built-In Subwoofers

      Features and Specifications

      • Supports Analog, Optical and HDMI Connections
      • Comes with Dual Subwoofers
      • 2.2 HDCP Digital Copy Protection
      • Audio Return Channel (ARC) Support
      • 4K/60P Signal Pass Through
      • 120 Watts Of Total Power
      • Supports Virtual Surround Sound

      Yamaha Yas-106's sleek and slim construction helps it become one of the more versatile units available to the public. Add to that 4K Ultra HD support, and you've got a winner!

      The Yas106 is cut from a different cloth. It is one of the most subtle additions one can add to a home theater setup. It blends in seamlessly with any environment, whether wall-mounted or stationary.

      Most people do not want accessories to stand out or appear out of place with their ensemble. Yamaha has effortlessly taken care of this problem with YAS106.

      Fun Fact: This soundbar was featured in our roundup list of best soundbar under $200!

      Caveats When Setting Up

      YAS 106 boasts of one of the more frustration-free setups in the entire sound bar lineup.

      It comes with directions that are simple, succinct, and easy to put into action. Yamaha is known for their well thought out guides and instructions, and the YAS106 is no exception.

      Getting everything running takes less than 15 minutes, and even that is probably being conservative. Because the sound doesn't project entirely forward, we had to try out different placements to optimally fill the room.

      While this soundbar delivers impactful sound, you cannot reach its full potential if the ceiling is too high, because of the added bounce.


      • Wireless Bluetooth gives individuals the full fleet of devices to use with the sound bar at all times
      • Spacious rooms can be filled with crystal clear and concise audio with little reverb
      • The soundbar is Android and iOS capable. You can take full control of unit with applicable app
      • Sports and music modes highlight five diverse selections, an upgrade from most other sound systems
      • Dual built-in subwoofers emphasizing deep, resourceful bass


      • Upward projecting audio can fill a room but bounces more audio than it needs to
      • Occasional non-responsive remote
      • Treble adjustment is near impossible to fine tune
      • While versatile, the HDMI may need replacement in less than a year if use is excessive


      This Yamaha soundbar is one of the most ordinary looking soundbars available.

      It might come as a surprise to you, but this is one of its strong suits.

      Because the exterior is bland, it can camouflage itself with almost every home theater equipment available. The slim design is light for easy movement and wall mounting.

      Bright black and gray accurately describe the color palette. The beautiful thing about the soundbar's color motif is that it looks like it is part of the TV itself, and guests would have no idea that they are completely separate units.

      Where does YAS-106 amaze us?

      The Yas106 is unique in that it is one of the few sound bars audiophiles can agree that universally improves all aspects of audio. Yamaha has paid careful attention to the audio output, and it pays off in spades for buyers.

      The most glaring stand out of the device is the bass, which is robust and noticeable, particularly in music.

      An example of this is highlighting dialogue in media, making it crystal clear and easy to follow. It is worth mentioning that the sound excels no matter what the dimensions are in a room, able to positively handle large and small spaces. The audio's fluid delivery will surely gain some praise by audiophile community.

      Where does YAS-106 let us down?

      We were let down by the treble adjustment, or lack thereof while reviewing Yamaha YAS-106.

      On the scale of important factors of sound, this problem is on the low end, but a setback nonetheless. Mid-range sound can seem slightly less clear, but it is splitting hairs and a minor issue at best.

      More frustrating is that the speakers seem to project upwards, which unnecessarily points sound in a direction other than a user's ears. It is an annoyance, particularly for media like sporting events.

      Other Observations

      If it were on a grading scale, it would pass with flying colors, despite a few areas that need improving. What sets this model apart is the five modes: TV, music, movies, sports, and game. Each mode offers a slightly different experience. The movies and sports modes are particularly valuable, helping to create an immersive, fun atmosphere.

      The included remote is likely the most suspect addition in the entire package, with it becoming increasingly unresponsive after several uses. It is easy to replace, however, and cheap at that, but a cumbersome annoyance nonetheless. The HDMI can also wear, and buyers should pay attention to that in particular over time. From beginning to end; purchase, setup, and use, the Yas106 is a solid performer for any sound set up.

      What's Our Verdict?

      Yamaha YAS-106 is the closest potential buyers can get to a home run in the soundbar niche.

      Almost every Yamaha Yas-106 review will mention how it is an upper echelon unit, even if they list a few drawbacks. Price, appearance, reliability, and overall effectiveness is what makes this model generate positive feedback and a consistently high score.

      Yamaha YAS-106 is a wise add-on to home theater organization.

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      A General Guide On How To Choose The Best Soundbar For Your TV Set

        the soundbar guide by nothingbutaudio

        As our current generation is all about weight loss, this also translates onto our TV sets which are becoming more anorexic over the years.

        This in return might make them more visually appealing but on the other hand, they lose a lot on some of their features.

        This is most visible on the quality of your sound.

        Putting bigger speakers into a skinny TV model wouldn’t really work as it would create a visual disaster!

        That is why many decide that getting themselves a soundbar is a perfect solution for all of their problems and in this guide, we are going to be teaching you how to pick the best one out of the many options available on the market!

        1) Design

        Many people have problems with the amount of space they can offer to any sort of additional appliances that go with a product.

        That is why it is very important that your soundbar is:

        a) Slim

        This allows it to be placed almost anywhere, without creating storage problems down the line.

        b) Sleek

        Think for a moment here, if your TV looks like the next Brazilian supermodel, you can’t really have a heavyweight champion positioned next to it.

        Your TV and your soundbar have to complement each other both in design and quality!

        2) Quality

        This should be a no-brainer but you would be surprised how some of the models that are in my opinion overpriced, perform much poorer than some of the lower end models.

        This means that we cannot let our wallet guide us through this purchase, as we have to imbue at least some knowledge before making an educated decision on what to buy.

        Quality is mostly reflected with durability, power of sound, and materials used in designing the soundbar.

        Ideally speaking, you would want a soundbar that has all these three things combines, as that will make it rank high when it comes to quality!

        3) Additional Features

        A soundbar can have the most amazing design you have ever seen and also be of the best quality on the market but if amplifying your sound is its only skill, it is a few years if not decades behind their competitors.

        You see, modern soundbars allow you to go wireless, set up a Wi-FI hotspot, transfer data or control the soundbar with Bluetooth and so much more!

        My favorite feature would have to be the soundbars that enable you to use popular apps like Spotify or Google Cast, giving you much more ability to manipulate your current TV system.

        What goes without saying would be that the price tag on these models is much higher than on models that don’t feature these additional tools.

        In the end, it will all depend on your budget, size of your room and your wants and needs, as some of us are very keen when it comes to even the slightest change in sound, while others are happy just to have their music play a notch louder than before!

        Razer Leviathan Review – Elite Gaming & Music Sound Bar

          Razer Leviathan - Elite Gaming & Music Sound Bar - PC - razer leviathan reviewA Razer Leviathan review is not complete without mentioning its relationship with the gaming community. In many ways, the Leviathan is an unconventional sound bar.

          Very few manufacturers make gamers their focus group. While some may think there is no difference between utilizing a sound bar for music and movies or gaming, there is a wide gap in the stress each format places on a unit.


          Check Razer Leviathan Out On Amazon Check Razer Leviathan Out On Amazon

          The Razer Leviathan 5.1 can sometimes get lost in the fray of home sound systems. Its name is not as synonymous with home theater like Panasonic, Sony or Samsung. Although it is still relatively new to this field, overlooking Razer soundbar is not a wise choice. This Razer Leviathan Review aims to present relevant pros and cons that you may want to consider.

          Every design has to start from somewhere, and the Leviathan has built its foundation on solid ground pairing itself with hardcore gamers. At times comparing audio dispersing formats can feel like splitting hairs, but Razer is one of the few that has a unique feel to it in every area of its construction.

          Lets begin our Razer Leviathan review by taking a look at its specifications

          Razer Leviathan Specs

          • 4 Precisely Tuned Drivers
          • 5.1 Channel Surround Sound
          • Bluetooth v4.0 Capability
          • 5.25 Inch Subwoofer That Fires Downward 2 Drivers Full In Range


          Common Caveats When Setting Up Razer Leviathan

          razer leviathan review | best gaming musicRight out of the box, the Razer soundbar is a breeze to hook up. With only two cables, one for the sub woofer, and one for its power, it is error-free, fast, and fun to get going.

          Consumers may run into issues with mixing Razer Leviathan with selected sound cards. While the sound they deliver will be impeccable, sometimes getting a PC and Razer to ‘shake hands’ during setup can be a bit dicey.


          Pros Of Razer Leviathan Soundbar

          • Surround sound is more than equipped to take on wide, empty spaces
          • Soundbar is 30 percent shorter than most name-brand alternatives making it ideal for consolidated areas
          • 3 Equalizer settings finely tuned with emphasis on audio precision
          • Pure, limited distortion bass from the dedicated subwoofer
          • A dream for smart devices with efficient Bluetooth capabilities to streamline every electronic


          Cons Of Razer Leviathan Soundbar

          • Because of small time allotted, the timer for auto-turn off forces quick decisions
          • An entirely manual experience by buttons with no included remote
          • Not for the cost-conscious with a price tag to make you blush if you are on a budget
          • Only 30 feet of solid Bluetooth connectivity



          The Razer Soundbar looks like something you would find in the nearest college dorm razer leviathan reviewroom, which may effectively eliminate people who want to add it to a sleek and upscale home system setup.

          Its colors are sharp and almost jet black, with a white insignia on the bar itself that also has a youthful gleam to it. The subwoofer has a gumdrop type shape that is unconventional but fits in nicely to most ensembles regardless of its peculiar shape.


          What Is The Aspect Of Sound Quality That Improved The Most?

          Make no mistake about it, Razer Leviathan is a gaming sound bar first, and a music/movie sound bar second. Which side you associate with will go a long way in determining how well it fits with you. The most improved facet of audio is sound effects in battle and action scenes in-game. Each distinct sound while playing offers a visceral, real feeling hook that is perfect for adventure games in particular. It also sounds convincing when synced up to PC systems.


          What Is The Aspect Of Sound Quality That Improved The Least?

          Your favorite music tunes will sound perfectly fine with the Razer Leviathan soundbar, but it will not knock your socks off as far as quality. This unit projects audio very loudly, but the nuances are only truly felt inside playing a video game.
          Battle scenes and live action play is immersive. This quality, however, keeps it at odds with music and movie output.


          Overall Sound

          razer leviathan review | Razer Leviathan - Elite Gaming & Music Sound Bar

          Across the board, everything sounds better when using the Razer with gaming. It makes

          ambiance and environments stand out and can blow you away with select areas of audio, like sound effects. As for other areas of importance, quality is relative when talking about this product. If you like your music and movies loud, this will suit you just fine.


          Verdict of Our Razer Leviathan Review

          Several factors determine if a sound bar is efficient. If you were to base it solely on its space-saving construction, the Razer Leviathan is a total home run. The length of this model is less than 20 inches, and the subwoofer is compact, yet still effective. This sound bar is for gamers, not audiophiles.

          Audiophiles want rich sound in every aspect, whereas players rely on systems to produce the most real, lucid sound available. Razer Leviathan is a soundbar that has an either black or white shades to it. What is good about the device is very good, and what is bad about the device is very bad.

          The good lies in absolutely maximizing your video game experience. The bad is that the auto-turn off feature can be incredibly frustrating and take your enjoyment out of usage. Overall the Razer is perfect for one niche. If you happen to be in this niche, then your expectations will likely be exceeded.

          Check Razer Leviathan Out On Amazon Check Razer Leviathan Out On Amazon


          Razer Leviathan Manuals

          You can find the English User Manual For Razer Leviathan at

          Have additional questions? The below link is an excellent resource:

          Vizio S3821W-C0 Sound Bar System Review

            VIZIO S3821W-C0 review 2.1 Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer


            This article aims to provide a thorough Vizio S3821W-C0 review. We touch upon all aspects of this soundbar.

            Overall, Vizio S3821W-C0 might be the ideal fit for your home entertainment system. There are some minor drawbacks, but they are minor.

            Case in point is the weight, which is on the heavier end of this market. While the weight is not a huge issue for most consumers, but for unsupported wall mounts or surfaces that are tenuous at best when holding bulkier items, it is something to keep in mind.

            It is comforting to know that Vizio is a name very well represented in the home electronics field. That is to say, their reviews are everywhere on the internet, making their feedback very dispersed and well known. Vizio is known to produce consistent soundbars, which is good news if you want a durable and long lasting soundbar. Vizio S3821W-C0 made it into our roundup of best soundbars under $200

            Check Vizio S3821W-C0 Out On Amazon Check Vizio S3821W-C0 Out On Amazon

            Features And Specifications of Vizio S3821W-C0


            • 6.0″ Wireless Subwoofer
            • Sound Bar 38″ In Length
            • This Vizio 2.1 soundbar has Surround Sound
            • Dolby Digital, DTS TruSurround, and DTS TruVolume Technology
            • Measured Sound Pressure Level C-Weighted At 1 Meter
            • 120V 60Hz
            • Frequency 50Hz – 19kHz
            • 100 dB Pressure Level
            • Wav Audio With 1 USB Input


            Common Caveats When Setting Up Vizio S3821


            Vizio provides a wall mount bracket with the sound bar. However, you will have to visit the hardware store to get applicable screws and anchors needed to set it up correctly.

            Why not provide them with the packaging itself?

            If you were hoping to get the system up directly out of the package, you might be disappointed.


            Pros Of Vizio S3821W-C0


            • Pitch consistency coincides with easy settings on volume that only needs setting up one time
            • Immersive sound potent enough to fill large and small areas
            • Movie theater quality surround from Dolby Digital
            • Wireless powerful subwoofer with ample range of up to 60 feet
            • Bluetooth compatible to adequately link tablets, smartphones, and computers
            • Firm texture of deep sound for bass fanatics


            Cons Of Vizio S3821W-C0


            • Limited compatibility with smaller TVs
            • 20 pounds in weight which is not the lightest solution for surfaces like drywall
            • Rebooting may become problematic if system becomes non-responsive to push controls
            • Battery replacement occasionally demands the re-synching of sound bar to remote




            The S3821W C0 sound bar’s exterior more or less settles in the middle of the pack as far as industry standards. It is perfectly suitable for most home set-ups but may stand out a bit in rooms that are posh in nature. The bar itself is relatively thin, but the big subwoofer cross cancels that bonus. The size of the sub woofer might demand some placement thinking. The Vizio Sound bar remote has a gray finish and dull feel to it, but understandably most people do not care about the looks of controls.


            Aspect of Most Improvement


            Keen ears will immediately notice bass and pitch consistency improvements. Deeper, more robust sounds come through very clearly, which makes for a more enjoyable movie or music experience. The consistency of sound is a benchmark for the Vizio S3821, as the audio delivers a clean tone for an extended period.


            Aspect of Least Improvement


            The S3821W C0 soundbar might be perfect for in-depth bass, but that is the only nuance of audio that is a standout. This unit does not focus on highlighting specific tunes or digital waves and is more of an all-encompassing sound solution. Simply put, it is a generic model that ignores tone specific changes that some consumers enjoy.


            Overall Sound


            With total harmonic distortion being less than 1%, the point of emphasis for the Vizio S3821W is clarity. Even though it does not offer much in the way of separating distinct noises, to most people, this does not matter. If all you are passionate about is audio that is crystal clear and unencumbered by large rooms, it is a reliable solution. The subwoofer produces intricate and vigorous bass for an extended period. Bass can wear out any sound bar quickly, but the Vizio’s parts and construction keep the hiccups to a minimum.


            Verdict Of Our Vizio S3821W-C0 Review


            The majority of complaints that users have with Vizio S3821W-C0 are actually about the vizio sound bar remote control, of all things. Sound bar remote has absolutely nothing to do with the overall quality of sound.

            You have found a keep if your biggest concern about a sound bar is its control capabilities. A drawback can be minor reboots to ‘recycle’ the signal. However, again, this is not bothersome at all.

            Vizio is not perfect, nor does it claim to be, however, its S3821W C0 is a deceptively powerful, sneakily good source of audio. It can quickly adapt to several different sized rooms, a claim most units cannot brag about. You will get some improvement in total sound quality with S3821W-C0

            Check Vizio S3821W-C0 Out On Amazon Check Vizio S3821W-C0 Out On Amazon

            Links To User Manuals


            The English User Manual for the Vizio s3821w-c0 is available here:

   or in the Support/Manuals tab here:


            Did you like our Vizio S3821W-C0 Review? Leave a comment below! Vizio SB3821 C6 review is on the way!

            TaoTronics Soundbar Review – Is this sound bar worth buying?

              TaoTronics Sound Bar Wired and Wireless Bluetooth Audio ( 2.0 Channel, 40 Watt Speaker,34-Inch, 2 Passive Radiators, Dual Connection Methods, Touch and Remote Control, Wall Mountable, Updated Version) - taotronics soundbar review

              Are you looking for TaoTronics Soundbar Review? Looking to buy one?

              You are at the right place!

              We have split up this review into easily digestible bits. Use our handy navigation tool to the left to jump to the appropriate section.



              Sound bars come in all shapes and sizes. Often times, where and how the internal parts are made drive the cost. The TaoTronics TT-SK15 model is one of the best budget sound bars to be found if one does not need some of the unnecessary add-ons that populate the more expensive systems in this field. Its core is made up of 4 10W drivers and 2 passive radiators.

              Other units in this price range typically go no higher than 20W overall. The actual size is bigger than most alternatives, and aesthetically is not the set piece most would desire if they are trying to complete the ensemble of a massive home theater set-up. That being said, the TaoTronics sound bar panders to the crowd that offers an economical approach to improved sound audio without breaking the bank. Concessions obviously have to be made in design, structure and parts, but solid quality isn't unreachable.


              • 40 Watt Speakers
              • Optical Input
              • Coaxial Digital Input
              • ​RCA Aux Input
              • ​3.5mm Audio Input
              • 2 Passive Radiators
              • 1 RCA Cable

              Common Caveats When Setting Up

              The TaoTronics soundbar is a relatively easy set-up solution for your home theater in waiting, with minimal obstacles in getting everything up and running smoothly. Because the wireless component has the capability to adapt to both modern and traditional devices of the past, the process is typically error-free from start to finish.


              • Wireless and hardline connections to cater and adapt to any set-up and software
              • Wall mount to minimize hassle of proper placement and sound distribution
              • Dual threat controls with the ability to utilize by touch or remote
              • 4 Speakers full range
              • Roughly 33 feet to work worth to maintain a strong wireless connection
              • A more cost-effective brand for the budget conscious consumer
              • High quality metal pad to embrace touch manipulation giving user full control


              • Bass not nearly as effective and unmistakable as its competitors
              • Not suitable for busy, wide-ranging set-ups that require a lot of space and compatibility
              • Usable but not as user-friendly as other walk-throughs and guides
              • Cheap looking exterior will not add value visually in your room


              The TaoTronics does have a modern feel to it, but ultimately appears a bit flimsy and artificial. It is almost 34 inches in length.

              While not quite an eye sore, it is also not a piece of equipment you can easily conceal. This sound bar will not be winning a technological beauty contest any time soon, but that is neither here nor there if all you are after is a better audio unit. The bigger the TV you have inhabiting this system's sound components, the better off you are at masking its deficiencies and enjoying what benefits it can provide.

              Aspect Of Most Improvement

              We believe that with TT-SK15, there is no specific audio facet that has improved. However, looking at the bigger picture, overall sound is what it improves.

              This soundbar will most definitely make your media center a better hub for entertainment. Audio Impact is a an assured upgrade. The best way to envision this sound bar is to realize that the sound is more potent, but not necessarily more subtle. The TaoTronics soundbar is more of a blanket type of audio, drowning out any minute differences.

              Aspect of Least Improvement - Bass

              Bass is an acquired taste, and you will be left disappointed if you harbor that taste. The TT-SK15 simply does not have the technical capabilities to contribute more to this facet of audio. The bass will be more engaging during early use, but it will fade over time. This is true of every sound bar of course, however the difference is that with the TT-SK15 this will happen sooner rather than later.

              Overall Sound

              Sound bars' effectiveness lie in the eye (or ear) of the beholder, and as such, its reviews can vary with every user. We have concluded that for price point the TaoTronics soundbar can be a worthy investment for a few years of solid, if not spectacular sound quality. The audio with this piece can also be enhanced the more well constructed the technology is that is utilizing the Bluetooth capabilities. Larger retailers and recognizable brands squeeze the lemon to get more productivity out of this sound bar as opposed to other inexpensive, lesser known devices.

              What's Our Verdict?

              The TaoTronics TTSK15 sound bar packs a meaner punch than you'd expect given some of the heavy competition it faces in this area. Ultimately what will help you decide if it is the soundbar for you is where you care to place your emphasis. If you are looking for a clear upgrade in sound quality but not seeking a total visceral audio experience, the TaoTronic is more than capable of solving your issues. This device, while effective, is a bit of a band-aid in the home theater niche. While it has the ability to last years from solid pieces inside, unfortunately its exterior prevents it from being durable for the long haul. This is not a recommended option for families with small children because in most cases these environments cannot coexist with the wear and tear that sound bars experience throughout their shelf life.

              Links To User Manuals

              You can find TaoTronics TT-SK15's English User Manual here:, or search here:

              Did you find this TaoTronics Soundbar Review helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

              LG NB3530A Review: A smart move towards the minimalist, design-orientated generation

                LG NB3530A review

                So, you realise you need a sound bar, because, although your new flatscreen TV is great, the sound just doesn't do the technology justice, and is really just too thin.

                Everyone seems to be buying one now, everyone seems to be making them now; the choice can be quite overwhelming.

                Which soundbar do you choose?

                To decide this you need to be correctly informed:

                • Why do you need a sound bar, anyway?
                • What should you be looking for in a sound bar.
                • Which one fits your needs.

                You can check out our detailed post on what factors you should consider before buying a soundbar

                When you buy any home theater technology, the wisest choice is always to settle for a company which has invested extensive time, money and research in this sector. LG, while lagging a bit behind Samsung still, is clearly the second strongest player in the market.

                Recently they have been focusing on the sound bar market, in an attempt to enter into the complementary smart TV market, and hit the ground running. They would like you to automatically think of them, when this change gains momentum. So, for any sound bar purchase, LG is a smart choice.

                Which model though?

                LG's most elite model is undoubtedly the NB4530A. However, there is another player worth considering; the NB3530A, which is the latest update of the best-selling NB3520A model, with a proven price/quality/performance appeal to the public.

                Essentially, it is the same model, but re-marketed as slim and stylish. Evidently, LG recognised that what was lacking with the old one, was that it was too bulky, and, well, a little clumsy. With the current popularity of the trend towards de-cluttering, and living in minimalist, yet sophisticated decor, living spaces; they figured that light, slim and good-looking was the necessary change to make.

                Before discussing the merits, here is a list of the pros and cons, at a run:


                • Very slim and light; easy to fit into a small, elegant space - yet very robust.
                • Slim dimensions make it unlikely to block your TV sensors.
                • Extremely good looking.
                • Good power output; 300W
                • Bluetooth connectivity is supported
                • Wireless subwoofer
                • Decent remote
                • LG Sound Sync - connect wirelessly to compatible LG TVs
                • Very easy set up
                • Dolby Digital and DTS coding process, Dolby Digital and DTS sound for better DVD and Blu-ray soundtrack listening.
                • 3-D Surround sound system


                • Not the highest quality surround sound. For this you would need to look at a higher priced model.
                • No HDMI.
                • It's best suited to 42 in flat panel TV's or larger.

                First of all, the main reason for re-marketing the first version, was to offer something lighter and slimmer.

                How much so?

                • It takes up 10% less space under your flat screen.
                • 5% shrinkage on the width.
                • 20% shrinkage in the sub woofer size.
                • Weighs 30% less.

                Many people, when they go after the latest technological craze, might have a general idea about what they need, without understanding in detail what they should really be looking for. This can lead to some seriously misguided impulse buying; especially when you are drawn in by those " buy now, just slashed " prices.

                Sound bars are great; but there are some things you need to know - reflecting on the NB3530A model as a reference point.

                The obvious reason for buying one is because you want better sound, but can't afford to buy a home entertainment theater and don't want a lot of cables cluttering your living space.

                However, the benefits are far greater than these. Being aware of this allows you to make the right choice.

                The NB3530A is an ideal mid-range sound bar; with all the audio benefits to make your sound bar work for you in the most awesome way. For most people's needs, you don't need to go much fancier, or higher in price.

                HERE'S WHAT THE NB3530A CAN DO FOR YOU

                • Improve the sound of your TV shows significantly. It provides an immersive surround sound.
                • The sub woofer produces a good bass sound; and, because it is wireless, can be placed anywhere in your living room , near an AC power outlet, Many customer reviews express this as high on their list of priorities when buying a sound bar. Most people try to avoid messy looking cables, if they can.
                • The virtual surround feature is quite standard for this range of sound bar: wide, but not really surround sound. If you want a more authentic surround sound impact in a sound bar, you will be moving into a completely different price range. For instance, the Yamaha YSP series of Digital Sound Projector, prices at around $1000.
                • This model is classed as a 2.1 channel. For a real wrap around, true to life sound, you would need to look at a sound bar with a 5.1 or 7.1 system.

                WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE?

                How important is the display panel? Essentially, just to display the output volume levels and other key performance details. You need to be able to check what your sound output is. However, as I said, the NB3530A model is also the minimalist design savant's toy.

                Slim, curvy and sleek black, with drivers exposed, and a LED display at center stage, (showing volume output, currently selected options and other important information). Above the displays are touch sensitive controls for various easy adjustments; while below it there is a USB port for MP3 and WMA flash drives.So if you are one of those people who likes to impress the minimalist way, without losing any impact of the design elements, this is the sound bar for you. Why choose ugly, when you can get beautiful for the same price, anyway? The back has the sockets; amongst which , two optical digital inputs, plus a mini-jack input.


                Of all the benefits of having a sound bar, one of the most exciting, is the Bluetooth aspect. This makes it way more than just a device to improve your TV viewing experience. This feature is essential for anyone who loves music, and is tied to the hip to their smart phone.If your music interests are focused on your smart phone, this feature is a must. It allows you to stream music wirelessly; not only from your smart phone; but also from tablets and computers, from multiple platforms (android, windows and iphone) to your sound bar. You can seamlessly integrate your smart phone life-style with your living room entertainment pleasure. You can do this not only with your music collections, but also with various apps amongst other exciting options, like streaming from Spotify.

                OK, SO WHAT'S MISSING?

                There's no HDMI. How important is this? Not really, in fact. This feature is a fairly new development, so you won't find any sound bars in this price range, with this feature. If you want this feature, you need to consider spending over $500.00. Do you need it? What is it? Basically, if you don't have this device, you are not able to connect any AV device directly to your sound bar. Without it, you can still use your TV as a switcher. However, you will need audio optical output on the back- which this model has.


                Of these it is worth mentioning:

                • 3D Surround Processor: experience the music as if it were in depth and horizontally around you.
                • Clear Voice (CLRVOICE): speech clarity enhancement.
                • Night modes: watch TV quietly at night, without disturbing the family.

                THE VERDICT?

                The ideal choice for those millennial, minimalist design junkies, who love the latest technology, but don't want to be left out of pocket. However, this works for anyone who likes devices to work well, and still be good-looking; without having to spend the family fortune. The set up is really easy. It has all the necessary features to make for an exciting and dynamic sound bar experience, yet at a very contained price. The manufacturer is very reliable, and has a proven track record - this is critical when buying any technology.