NothingButAudio – Who Are We?

Review websites are a dime a dozen, particularly when dealing with electronics, so it is important to recognize relevant factors in determining what the best source is for getting your information on purchasing such pricey equipment. We feel we separate ourselves from the competitors in 6 impactful ways:

  • Accuracy. We pride ourselves in offering the most up to date information on all of the devices listed. Because the products are technical in nature, it is vital that specs and features be current, as they are enormous determining factors when consumers want to make a purchase.
  • Reliability. Not only are we accurate in the listings we produce, but we are also reliable in that we check our sources thoroughly and execute relaying this information to you with diligent precision. We source from 5-star reviews, manufacturer's websites, appropriate forums and well-known name-stays like Walmart, Amazon, Costco and more.
  • Fun. You are shopping for a sound bar, not a prison cell, and as such, it SHOULD be a fun experience for you. We embrace the nature of the products we are mentioning, because audio, sound and entertainment experiences differ from person to person. However, there remains oneconstant, and that is people are interested because they enjoy what each sound bar can offer.
  • Versatility. No two sound bars are exactly alike, and each item fits like a glove with a different consumer. Some people like easy, plug and play set-up, while others seek devices with extensive features not found with every model. We are versatile in the choices we display because everyone's desires vary.
  • User-Friendly. While the journey to discover audio utopia is fun, it should also be easy. We encourage a fluent interface for you to make your decision based on organized bullet points and features of interest per product. Put simply, ease is emphasized just as wholeheartedly as the ideas above.
  • Convenience. Perhaps the most relevant thing to you, all the audio equipement is listed in one place with no need whatsoever to scour the internet for endless information.

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